Ben Foy

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Reading, MA

Year: 2nd

Patron Saint: St. Michael the Archangel

Hi guys, my name is Ben, and I am very excited to serve as liturgy chair at the CC! I became involved at the CC as an altar server during my first semester, and I thought I would be limitedly involved at the CC; however, I was pulled in more after becoming a sacristan, leading to the CC becoming my second home. My favorite memory at the CC was the Holy Thursday procession (highly recommend!!). Being an altar server at Mass, I was blessed to be be able to walk with the Holy Eucharist around the CC, ending with the altar of repose. This experience was truly breathtaking, and I felt incredibly close to God. I believe liturgy is an amazing way to experience closeness; adoration, in particular, allows us to be close with the Lord in a very personal and low-pressure way. Besides the being around the CC, you can find me listening to music, looking at shoes, and weightlifting. If you ever see me around the CC, feel free to say hello; I love chatting about anything from video games to biomedical research! I look forward to serving this community, and I am always here to help!