Andrew Wood

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Hometown: Centennial, CO

Year: 3rd

Patron Saint: St. Thomas Aquinas

What’s up guys! My name is Andrew Wood, and I’m stoked to be serving as the Treasurer of the CSO this year. I’ve been around the CC since my freshman year, where I first got plugged in through a Liturgy of the Hours group. I’ve savored the opportunity to grow with the awesome members of this community. I’ve developed a passion for Adoration and silent prayer, which has been instrumental in my formation.

When I’m not clowning around the CC, you can find me jamming to Switchfoot’s good albums, ranting about the evident flaws of Settlers of Catan, or inspiring fandom of Newcastle United, a now much-less-obscure English soccer team.

Feel free to reach out, as I’d love to hang out and chat about whatever is on your mind. I’m looking forward to serving the community that has been so influential during my time at Tech!