Areas of Support

There are multiple areas to support within the Catholic Center. Each one falls under our overall fundraising goal for the fiscal year. When you support us through any one area, you are supporting our overall mission and promoting evangelization on Georgia Tech’s campus and beyond.

General Fund

To make the most immediate impact on the highest priority projects for the Catholic center, make a gift to the General Fund. 

Chaplain’s Choice 

Our Chaplain helps make all financial decisions; A gift that is designated as “Chaplain’s Choice” will allow our chaplain to use those funds to best meet the needs of the Catholic Center and the students. Like the general fund, this fund has an immediate impact on the Catholic Center.  


Any gift to the Catholic Center could be counted as a tithe to the Catholic Church, but this fund is for those who’d like to mark their donation as an offering. All offertory gifts collected during and outside of the Mass are used for General Fund purposes.

Building Fund

The Catholic Center has an ongoing list of special projects to ensure that students can continue to access Catholic formation in a space that reflects beauty and goodness. This is a restricted fund, meaning that your donation will only go toward the capital improvements of our building.


Our Focus Missionaries are a big part of our mission. The cost to have one missionary on campus is $17,000 per year. We currently have five serving with us. Contributing to this fund will go directly toward the campus fee which enables us to have more missionaries on our campus.


To make the most enduring impact on the Catholic Center, consider establishing an endowed fund. Strong centers go hand in hand with strong endowments.A gift to the endowment will have an everlasting impact on our students, as only the interest income is used, leaving the corpus intact to continue to grow our future.  Our goal is to provide an endowment that will perpetually pay the salary and benefits of a dedicated priest and operating expenses of the Center.

To make a gift, please visit our online giving page or call the us at (404) 892 6759