The staff, student leadership, and chaplain of the Georgia Tech Catholic Center consider the sacramental life to be essential to our mission, and as such it is our primary focus in our ministry to the Georgia Tech community. As a result, Tech students, faculty, and professors have numerous opportunities to worship God and nourish, strengthen, and express their faith through the sacraments, including:

  • Four Masses every Sunday and daily Mass every weekday (Wednesdays are a Communion Service)
  • Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every day in a chapel dedicated solely to Eucharistic adoration
  • 10 opportunities spread over 6 days of the week for confession
  • An Easter vigil Mass every year during which those who have participated in our student-led RCIA program are received into full communion with the Church and are baptized and confirmed

For more information about the sacraments available at the Georgia Tech Catholic Center, please see our other pages!