Michael Hartin

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Hometown: Crowley, TX

Year: 3rd

Patron Saint: St. Thomas Aquinas

Hey y’all! My name is Michael Hartin, and I’m so excited to serve this community as the CSO public relations chair. I was first plugged into the CC community at the beginning of my freshman year when I was invited to pray morning prayer at the top of the CULC. I didn’t actually know what it was at the time (and it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting), but praying liturgy of the hours has slowly become a core part of my prayer life as I’ve matured spiritually. Since then, the CC has become a home for me, and I mean that literally: I easily spend more time in the basement than I do in my dorm every day, so please come downstairs to say hello! When I’m not “studying,” you can find me down there talking about football, video games, or whatever nonsense is on my mind. If you don’t see (or hear) me downstairs, don’t fret! There’s a high likelihood that I’m upstairs raiding the kitchen. I can’t wait to meet y’all!