Lorenzo Ticozzi

Ciao! My name is Lorenzo, or “Tico” for friends. I was born in Milan,
Italy. I am the eldest of 4 children and I am an AC Milan supporter.

After getting a Masters in Space Engineering at the Polytechnic
University in Milan, I moved to Atlanta to pursue a PhD in Robotics –
not surprisingly, my research is mostly about robots doing things in

My first encounter with the Catholic Center dates back to 2019, during
my time as a visiting student at Tech; since then, I’ve felt blessed
to have such an amazing community even far from home. Now, as the
Student Resident, I am grateful to be able to take care of the CC. I
try to make it the perfect place to meet the Lord, cultivate
meaningful friendships, and procrastinate on assignments.
In my free time, I love cooking with friends, playing soccer (btw, I
call it football) and complaining about American coffee. Come say hi
if you see me around!