Connor Judkiewicz

Hello GTCC! Thrilled to be here! I grew up in a small town outside of Buffalo, NY and went to college at the University of Alabama, where I received undergrad degrees in Math and Finance, as well as a Masters in Finance (Roll Tide!). I entered college without any intention of making my faith journey a central part of my young adulthood, but to my great surprise, I underwent a slow, but sure, “re-conversion” to the faith that I was raised in. My time in Alabama was filled with involvement and leadership in the Catholic Ministry (Bama Catholic), FOCUS, and the Business School. I was blessed to be surrounded by peers and mentors who were striving to live out their Catholic faith well, and it rubbed off on me throughout the 5 years I spent in Tuscaloosa! I am excited to be moving on to a new city and a similarly awesome faith community!