The Good Word 2018 November

The Good Word - Chapel Campaign and Gala 2019 Edition
GTCC Alumni e-Newsletter
November 2018      Vol. MMXVIII        Issue 13


Beauty Will Save The World.

This is the theme for our Chapel Campaign and upcoming Gala. Both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict spoke about the power of beauty. The power it has to illuminate the path towards truth, goodness and faith. This is the driving force behind the Chapel Campaign that is currently underway. Our mission is to enhance our chapel to further reflect the Glory of God and to inspire our students to fully experience the mystery of the Mass and the beauty of our Catholic faith.

Why are we renovating our chapel? And why now?

Because beauty moves people. We want to give our students a glimpse of heaven in this hectic and disordered world and inspire them to deepen their faith.

Because beauty has the power to evangelize. We want to inspire our students to bring the beauty of their faith into the world and spread it.

We invite you to be a part of this mission. We want the chapel at the Catholic Center to be the heart of Georgia Tech - a heart filled with love and zeal for souls.

Rendering of the renovated chapel:


For details and ways to support the Chapel Campaign, visit Remember that 100% of your donation stay at the CC!


The GTCC Gala is the highlight of our Chapel Campaign and celebrates 90 years of Catholic ministry at Georgia Tech! What started in 1928 with a traveling priest and a handful of students is today a growing and vibrant comunity of about one thousand students seeking to live a Christ-centered life.

There is so much to celebrate and be thankful for! The Georgia Tech Catholic Center has progressed over the years into a model campus ministry. We work hard to nurture the Catholic faith in our students in order to form true disciples of Christ. We're blessed to have inspired the discernment of vocations. In the last five years alone, the CC has seen 20 men enter seminary, 3 women enter religious life, 6 others became missionaries for FOCUS, and we've celebrated more weddings and baptisms than we can count. Thanks to our dedicated students and our amazing benefactors, the GTCC is a truly special place. It is a beautiful thing to hear so many students call the Catholic Center their home away from home.

We've secured a fantastic venue, a fabulous dance band, the tastiest cuisine in town, an open bar and we're working on a really fun auction for you. Accomodations for out-of-town guests will be posted soon.

Please join us for the best party of the year!

Friday, March 1, 2019 at 7 p.m.
The Foundry at Puritan Mill

(just eight minutes from Georgia Tech!)
Your Hosts:

                Fr. Josh Allen                                  Harrison Butker
                 GTCC Chaplain                                GT Alum and kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs
For all Gala details and to purchase tickets and sponsorships

Click here to see fun pictures from our 30th Anniversary Gala in 2015!

The GTCC Needs YOU
to help us with our Gala and Silent Auction!

The Gala planning committee needs many helping hands to handle a variety of tasks between now and March 1. Please visit our website here to sign-up and let us know how you're interested in helping.

Our most immediate need is for the aquisition of items for our silent auction. Even if you're out of town, you can help us by sending a solicited item or donating an item from our wishlist (our wishlist will be posted soon). Please visit our website here to download the necessary forms and view ideas for auction items. Please email Patty Schmitt with any questions. here are some ideas to get you started:
  • If you have a talent such as painting, cooking or making jewelry. You can donate something you make.
  • If you have season tickets to the theatre, sports, or concerts, consider donating a couple of tickets to a performance or game.
  • Perhaps your place of work can donate an item, a certificate, or even better - a private tour or 'day-in-the life' experience (if it lends itself to that).
  • If you own a lake or beach house, consider donating a week or a weekend get-away.
  • If you've recently gone on an a fun adventure like zip lining, fly fishing, kayaking, white water rafting, karting or such, call them and see if they'll donate passes.
  • Do you know a VIP or celebrity that wouldn't mind giving their time for lunch/dinner, golf, or a tour?
  • If you have a favorite restaurant that you frequent, most are happy to promote themselves with gift cards or even a cooking class.
  • Themed baskets are always popular, especially a Georgia Tech basket or a basket of religious items!
Thank you for supporting the GTCC Gala!

Phase I Renovation Video
Phase I was completed this past summer and was fully funded by generous donors. Most of the work and design was done by the students and Fr. Josh. The renderings were done by students. We're excited to see the renovation moving forward! Enjoy our video!
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