The Good Word 2016 Jan-Feb

Jan/Feb 2016       Vol. MMXVI        Issue 1

Helluva Chaplain's Corner:
Fr. Joshua Allen


I pray that you are having a wonderful and fruitful Lent!  This is the first edition of what we intend to become a bi-monthly newsletter for our alumni, parents, and friends.  We hope to give you some small glances at the many wonderful things happening around the Catholic Center…more than we could ever possibly describe in our Annual Report.  Just this morning I drove Sr. Mary Elizabeth FSE and Sr. Marie Benedict FSE to the airport after completing our excellent mission, which you can hear on the Helluva Catholic Podcast.  They wrote me a note amazed at how kind, loving, and intentional our students are.  I was so happy they shared their amazement, because I have the same experience every day: these students are outstanding.  When I hear about all the nonsense in the world and fear about the future, I am so encouraged by the faith and apostolic determination of our Catholic Center students.  I hope you find this first edition of the newsletter inspiring.  Please count on our prayers, and let me know if I can do anything for you.

To Hell with Georgia,

Fr. Josh

March for Life

-Shannon Murray, CHEM '17

This January the Catholic Center sent a contingent of students to DC to join the March for Life on the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision. The annual pilgrimage started with a bus ride to the National Basilica for Mass before heading to the March. The contingent joined the crowd of fellow protesters for the peaceful rally for the end to abortion. As the March began, so did the blizzard. Spirits remained high though because babies and snow are two things Catholic southerners love by nature.

The plan to leave on Saturday night was derailed when snow closed the city. The students remained active and adventurous with many escapades in the snow and Mass in the hotel basement with many games of cards interspersed between. The trip ended after arriving home to the Catholic Center early Tuesday morning, just in time for class. It wasn’t exactly what we planned, and we were all exhausted, but it was worth it to show our support for the Pro-Life cause.

Eucharistic Mission: 
Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist

Starting February 14, Sisters Mary Elizabeth Endee and Marie Benedict Elliott led a three day mission on the Eucharist at the Catholic Center. As Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, their knowledge, wisdom, and reflections were well received by all those attending.

Quoting from Pope Francis, past popes, famous saints, and Church Doctors, the Sisters spent time weaving a beautiful story of the Eucharist in adoration, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and in the Mass. Each day's talk either ended in quiet reflection or adoration, so that the students could grow in this new understanding through prayer.

Outside the talks, many of the students were excited to hang out and speak with the Sisters. Students accompanied them to lunch, gave a tour around campus, and enjoyed providing simple hospitality in the newly renovated GTCC main room. On Tuesday morning, the GTCC hosted an "Ask a Catholic Nun" event on Skiles Walkway during the 11am-12pm lunch hour, and the Sisters were able to meet with students from all walks of life and religions, answering any questions and providing a glimpse into the life of a religious sister.

Click here to listen to recordings of the three talks.

For more information on the Sisters of the Eucharist, please click here to visit their website.


GTCC Renovations

Over winter break, the Catholic Center underwent major renovations on the main level:
  • Major wall removed
  • New floor installed
  • New presentation space created
  • And more!
Click here for pictures of the new look. Thank you to all the generous donors who helped fund these renovations.

Students Celebrate Life Through Volunteer Work

-Alicia Robang, CHBE '19

Last February 6, volunteers from the Catholic Center conducted the first in a series of monthly outreach efforts to the Pregnancy Aid Clinic in Hapeville, Georgia. There, they sorted mailings and baby clothes, labeled baby bottles and learned more about the origin and functions of the clinic.

The Pregnancy Aid Clinic “aims to promote the sanctity of human life as recognized in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church." Through parenting classes, fertility awareness programs, private consultations, free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, the clinic promotes the sanctity of the person, God’s plan for human sexuality, and the sanctity of life.

With help from the Sovereign Order of Malta Federal Association and other supportive donors, the Pregnancy Aid Clinic has been able to maintain their facility, gather used clothing and baby supplies, and has even obtained a mobile RV clinic.

To learn more about the Pregnancy Aid Clinic, visit
Alumnus Spotlight:

Jack Scalley, IM '51

When I started at Tech, in 1947, it was a different world.  There were many veterans in our Freshman Class. They were returning from the war. Their ages and their experiences made it a more enriching experience for all of us. The Catholic congregation was quite small. We met, once a month, at the YMCA building on North Ave. We attended Sacred Heart Church. There was no official connection with Tech and Sacred Heart.

I had just turned 17. Atlanta is a long way from home (via Greyhound bus): Bronx, NYC, New York. I did go home for Christmas, but other breaks were long and lonely.  At best, there may have been only 3 or 4 other inmates left in the dorms. Going to Tech was one of the best decisions I have ever made; however, it was a difficult adjustment. I needed all the support I could find. 

Fast Forward - it's 60 years later.
I knew of the Catholic Center, but had never visited. My wife and I decided to attend Mass at the Center, 4 or 5 years ago. We were blown away by the facility (old but nice). More importantly, we were overwhelmed by the wonderful Tech students we met. We feel that the GTCC is a very important anchor to a Catholic student' s faith. Tech is tough and the environment is rough. We have and will continue to support the Catholic Center. Our desire is to make certain the the Catholic Center is always available for future Tech folks.
Meet the New
Catholic Student Organization Board
CSO President - Elizabeth Waters

I’m originally from Louisiana, but after living in Texas for almost 10 years, I consider myself a Texan. Knowing that I wanted to study mechanical engineering, Tech became my dream school…and I found myself at the Catholic Center, a place that feeds and nurtures me spiritually, unlike any other environment in which I’ve been.

As President, I hope to be part of that nurturing process by facilitating students’ growth through encounters with God through any and all Catholic Center events. It is my prayer that by serving this community, I both deepen my faith and provide opportunities for you to deepen yours through involvement with this great Catholic Center.

St. Teresa de Los Andes, patron saint of young people, pray for us!

St. John Paul II, pray for us!

Click here to learn more about the rest of the CSO Board members!
Development Update
-Patty Schmitt, IM '88

Macintosh HD:Users:Patty:Google Drive:GTCC Progress Reports:Development Update Feb 2016 .jpgI would like to sincerely thank all our wonderful benefactors for supporting the Georgia Tech Catholic Center. To date we have raised 67% of our fundraising goal of $360,516 through contributions from 368 individuals and families to our Annual Appeal, Sunday collection and In-Kind gifts. THANK YOU!

We still have a significant gap to close to meet our operational needs. Please prayerfully consider helping the Catholic Center so that we may continue to do God’s work on campus reaching out to all students and bringing them closer to Christ.
There are many ways to donate. Donate now via our secure on-line system. You can also mail a check, send a matching gift, or make a gift of stock.

Please contact Patty Schmitt at for questions or assistance.

Upcoming Events:
Shroud Encounter: March 9
Peru Mission Trip: March 18 - 27
Donor Brunch: April 24

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