Daniel Nguyen

Hometown: Lawrenceville, Georgia
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Patron Saint: St. Michael the Archangel

Right trusty and well-beloved, I greet you well. My name is Daniel,
and I am the Grand Knight for our Knights of Columbus council here at
Georgia Tech. As part of the Knights, our mission is to help Catholic
men grow in charity towards the community. As such, we organize many
events here: a pregnancy aid drive, fundraisers for food banks and
homeless shelters, and our annual St. Valentine’s Dinner (ask me about
this event for an epic 10-min death-by-slideshow), just to name a few.
Outside the Catholic Center, I like flying drones, participating in
Civil War reenactments, and I aggressively march tenor sax in the GT
Marching Band (GO JACKETS STINGEMMMMM!). At the Catholic Center
proper, I love serving as an altar server, sacristan, musician, and I
participate in a Bible Study here. I also spend the vast majority of
my free time here, so feel free to come by and introduce yourself,
because you’ll probably run into me anyway!